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Raised in the bustling heart of New York City, my childhood was a vibrant blend of culture, rhythm, and movement. We lived in The Bronx, Brooklyn, and Washington Heights, each place leaving a distinctive imprint on my life. Our frequent relocation was not without its challenges, but it granted me the gift of adaptability and a broad perspective on life.

During my formative years, I found solace and inspiration in the world of visual arts and storytelling. My journey led me to renowned institutions such as The Brooklyn Museum, The Studio Museum in Harlem, and NYU Tisch's Future Image Makers program. These experiences ignited an unquenchable passion within me, one that intertwined the beauty of visual expression with the transformative power of narrative.

Upon completing my BA in Education at 21, I felt an irresistible pull towards new horizons. With a mixture of anticipation and courage, I left the familiar streets of NYC for the historic canals of Amsterdam. I was in search of a place that would nurture my mental health, while simultaneously providing a fertile ground for the growth of my career.

In Amsterdam, I immersed myself in academia once more, earning a master's degree in Entertainment Communications. This pursuit was not just about academic achievement, but about honing the tools I needed to pivot my career to media. My career took off at Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam. I’ve found a community of creatives who embrace me, a family that helped me shape a sense of belonging in a place far from my birthplace.

Inspired by this leap of faith and the transformative personal journey I had embarked upon, I decided to extend a hand to others who might be navigating their own crossroads. The Manifestation Journal was born from this intention. It is a guided journal that ultimately helps you answer life's most profound questions, such as "Who do I want to be?" and "How do I want to show up in this world?" I hope that through this journal, others can find the clarity and courage to define their own paths, just as I have found mine.

Experimenting with mediums of expression

My process at a glance

The pages between my journals are the first place I felt safe to be vulnerable amid life's chaos. Creating worlds that don't exist, dreaming of brighter realities, and growing into womanhood. Before it lands on a canvas, through a microphone, or in a dance, it's a journal note. Then, it gets transformed into poetry or song. I find safety in poetry when I feel misunderstood. Using my voice as an instrument allows me to tap into certain characters & attitudes for play & for a sense of belonging.”But when words just aren't enough, these journals transform into paintings, portraits, or dance. I publish my work to foster connection and to heal my own wounds. I hope my work helps other people feel seen & understood.